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  • Minicomputer: Under the requirements of precision and high-speed, electric injection molding machine

    Release time: 2023-12-01


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    The small injection molding machine is more urgent for the development of precision and high-speed, precision injection molding requires that the injection molding machine can be accurately controlled in the injection pressure and speed, and high-speed injection molding machine must have a shorter molding cycle. For example, fast food boxes, which are low-value products, need to be produced quickly to be cost-effective, and their thin-walled products are very light, so the range is short, and the equipment needs to achieve a high injection speed in 0.3-0.5 seconds. The drive system of electric injection molding machine has the advantages of high precision, high reliability and energy saving, low cost, suitable for use in small products and short injection stroke scenarios, electric injection molding machine is the development direction of small injection molding machine. At present, electric injection molding machine technology has become the focus of the development of industry enterprises, domestic advantageous enterprises have launched electric injection molding machine products, but because the control system and other key components are still dependent on imports, so China's electric injection molding machine than Fanuc, Sumitomo and other international leading level still has a certain gap. In the future, with the improvement of the technical level of the industry, the import substitution space is relatively broad. The electric injection molding machine was first released by Battenfeld in Germany in 1982. In 1983, Nissei Resin company took the lead in commercialization, and the product model was MM5 at that time. At the 1984 Japan Plastics Industry Exhibition, Fanuc Corporation, Toyo Machinery Metal Corporation and Niigata Steel Corporation exhibited the AUTOSHOT series, TU series and MD series of electric injection molding machines, respectively. European manufacturers also followed the pace and launched a new generation of models in 2001, such as Battenfeld, NETSTAL, ENGEL, MIR, OIMA, NEGRI BOSSI and so on. With the development of several major factories in Europe, America and Japan around the world, it is an inevitable trend to incorporate all-electric injection machines into the product line.

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